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Other apps let you drill down to a list of
showtimes. For a single movie. One movie at a
time. Only Wigglehop lets you collect as many
movies, showtimes and theaters together as
you want, on a single page.

The Misadventures of Other Movie Apps

Movies and Friends
Go Together

When we decide to go to the movies, we
want to know what our favorite theaters
are playing. Simple, right?

Well, no. Not really. We don’t just want to
know what’s playing. We want to know
what fits into our social lives.

And if picking movies is really about
comparing our desires with those of our
friends, a good movie app had better
make it easy to mix and match theaters,
movies, and showtimes.

Best Laid Plans

Wigglehop isn’t just the
world’s first movie planner, it’s
the world’s first backup movie
planner. Start by picking
something for everyone. Then
share the invitation and have
your conversation. No matter
what you decide on, though,
leave everything in your plan.

Now, if you’re having too
much fun at dinner to leave
when you should, it’s not a
problem. Just open Wigglehop,
scroll to the next movie in your,
plan and you’re back in

There are movie apps, and then there is Wigglehop.

Too Cool for School

Don’t need a friend just to see a movie? Alright
then. Wigglehop opens right to your movies
page, since you set your favorite theaters a long
time ago. Scroll down to the movie you want.
Tap it open and swipe to your showtimes page.

That’s it. One scroll, one tap, and one swipe.
You set your time window to ‘evening’ a long
time ago too, because hipsters almost never
see movies before dinner. Now you’re looking at
a short list of showtimes, from just your favorite
theaters, right around seven o’clock.

No Contest

If a single showtime is all you want, you’ll consistently get it faster on Wigglehop
than any other movie app. But if you want to explore a few movies, or the same
movie at different times, or even different theaters, well, Wigglehop is the only
game in town. You’ll see all of your picks together on a single page, complete with
countdown timers, movie trailers and tweet-sized summaries. And it’ll still take you
less time than it would finding just two showtimes with anything else.

App Store Reviews

Great design. No clutter. I love this app.
This is not only the best movie times application I have
used but one of the best apps, period. It has an elegant,
clean design that is easy to navigate and understand. I can
get in, page through the application, and find everything
I’m looking for in less time than it would take to get to the
first page in Fandango. It takes a talented design team to
make so much information so easily accessible.
—Vernon T

Fast and To The Point!
This app is incredibly fast! Jeez! So much faster than Flickster, which takes a crapton longer to load. I love
that it gets you directly to the movies and theaters, then logs your plan for you. Basically, it cuts out all that
extra crap you don’t need. :) great for date night when your boyfriend’s on the phone asking you to look up
what’s going on at the theater!
—Sherilynn Macale

Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity
It takes six taps to find a movie near you. Six. That’s the best thing about this app. No annoying ads or
overdone UI. It’s only the parts you need when finding a movie: location, theaters, movies, showtimes. Plus
your choices are saved so you can make some plans for the evening and then easily refine them as the night
goes on. I’ll definitely be using this the next time I head out to the movies!

Praise on Twitter

@macjay: #svios Best app design imho so far has been @plastictrophy —
wigglehop app is in pre-flight.

@mc140: I just used #wigglehop on my #iOS device while sitting in front
of my laptop because the movie discovery app is just a joy to use.

@scopi: I love Wigglehop. The app has many nice little touches.

@WSigsFavApps: Funny name, serious app: Wigglehop for #iOS is the
most gorgeous app I’ve seen for theater & movie info.


Wigglehop is a fast, easy way to make movie
plans on the iPhone, iPad, and the web. The
app has a great feel, and its workflow is
really thoughtful.
—Daring Fireball’s John Gruber

If you plan on going to a movie at any time
in the near future, Wigglehop is definitely a
service you should try. I’m confident you’ll
come away from the experience loving it and
looking forward to using it again.
—The Next Web’s Jeff Cormier

Fun Facts

Plastic Trophy carfully crafts every tweet-sized
synopsis on Wigglehop.

Wigglehop’s movie posters are collected by hand.

Wigglehop’s movies page isn’t ordered alphabetically.
It’s ordered by release date.

You’ll never see a showtime you can’t realistically
make on Wigglehop.

The countdown timers on Wigglehop’s plans pages
update on the minute, every minute.

Wigglehop has been featured by Apple twice: Apps for
Movie Lovers, and Date Night.

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